The annoyed annoys back.
Religion is a business.

It’s true: Everyone is afraid to die. Every creature in the animal kingdom does whatever it can to remain alive. (Example: you miss at squishing an ant, it’ll start walking very fast trying to avoid getting squished.)

It is no surprise for conscious man to be aware that the end of the line is coming closer every day and it is inevitable. It would be quite comforting to know that there is life after death, but how are we to know? People claim to have seen things during their 2 minute death, but that can be explained neurologically.

The more I freed myself from religion, the more I realized how precious life is. I accepted that when I die, I will either become ashes or worm food, most likely the latter. I am not going to be dressed up in a toga and play harp all day or receive torture in a fire lake (unless either has wi-fi). I will die, every single one of my body’s cells will die and as an organism, I’ll stop regenerating and consuming energy. This allows me to realize that life is short and I can’t waste it by investing in other ordinary people who tell me it can get better when I die for a fee.

Religion is a business. A business profiting from the fear of death.

Instead of worrying about dying, worry about living. Screw the church for trying to tell you how to live your life. Do what you think is right and make the world a better place for everyone.

Submission: proof…..if u do this…….

the fool says there is no god psalm 14:1    if u dont believe god says you are a fool and you are on your way to hell….sadly you will start believing in him when you get there burning for all eternity…..but it will be too late.. i can prove god exist right now…..whoever calls on the name of the lord jesus shall be saved… on jesus and ask him to save you and he will and then god will prove his existence tto you if you do this..jesus saves he died for you salvation is a free gift accept it why burn in hell forever and continue to be a fool. —(lillylarry&

Behold christian logic.


I haven’t written in months. I plan to write again, though =).
Wish me luck. 

I was wondering…

what are some of the arguments that religious people have used against you to discredit atheism or attempt to provide credibility to their religion?

"True" Christians….


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"Love thy neighbor," is what jesus preached and a great majority of christians seemed to forget that on a daily basis unless they’re in church where they think they’re being watched.

I really hope that in 10 years christians will stop picking and choosing around the bible [that’s if natural selection hasn’t gotten rid of them]. Then they’ll be wanting to kill off unvirgin new-weds, not work on the sabbath, and not play american football.

I’m not saying this is going to happen, as I have no evidence to make a prediction, but if it does, christians today will not be considered true christians.

I didn’t say galileo wasn’t a christian, I just said that he was shunned, regardless of his beliefs, due to his… unique way of thinking [at the time].

"True" Christians….

Almost a millennium ago, scientific progress was being stopped by true christians when Galileo Galilei was shunned for going against biblical teachings.

Many centuries ago, true christians were killing people by the thousands during the crusades.

A couple decades ago, true christians were raking in money by enslaving thousands of blacks before the civil war period.

A couple of years ago, true christians decided to start picketing funerals and harassing people on the streets.

All of these people during their time considered themselves true christians. So how does it feel to know that a couple of years from now, you, who is working towards creating a theocracy, trying to control marriage, and claiming a monopoly in morals will not be considered a true christian?

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There is a visitor coming over to my university…

This guy is coming to my school and he is asking for questions. I’m already thinking of which to ask him.

to stir things up a little, i’m gonna ask something like.
"Which of the many branches of christianity are you defending?"

what other things can I ask? any help?


I only posted this for his point number 2

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